Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A walking disaster area?

Did anyone else receive that delightful 'term of endearment' from their parents as a child? I have no idea where the phrase came from and quite frankly I think it's a little harsh on me. I never broke any bones or made any trips to A&E; I never caused anyone else to break a bone or make a trip to A&E; I never did anything that could even cause worry that I might break a bone or make a trip to A&E!

I bring this up having got dressed this morning and been appalled by the number of bruises I saw on my person! I admit that I've never been the most elegant or co-ordinated of women. Ladylike is not a word usually associated with me and I often seem to have trouble with knowing exactly where all my limbs are at any given moment. But good grief - I look like I've been battered. No doubt this is not helped by the anti-depressants I'm on at the moment. Primarily they're to keep the pain under control but they have the nice side effects of one, keeping me positive and two, making me bruise like a peach. The least little knock and my leg looks as though it's gone five rounds with Mike Tyson. Or that I've been paint balling, which by the way is one activity that I can say for certain I will NEVER participate in, even should I wake up one more morning miraculously free from M.E. I don't care that it's only paint being shot. I can't deal with people sneaking around trying to 'get me'. I took part in Lazerquest once - I must have been around 12 years old - I hadn't been in the room for 5 minutes when I freaked out and ran for the exit. Although that probably loses out for 'Most Embarrassing Childhood Moment' to an incident at age 7 when the mini-wheel (and it really was mini) at Wicksteed Park had to be stopped to get me off. My 5 year old sister was fine but I was bawling like a baby.

A group of M.E. friends and I were talking about bruises the other day. It appears that it's quite common for sufferers to bruise easily and often. That or I just have an exceptionally clumsy group of friends. Nearly all of us had experienced the fun of getting ready for bed, finding a new bruise or two and trying to work out where they'd come from! The most accurate way being to compare the height of the bruise on the body to surfaces encountered throughout the day. "Ah, that'll be the coffee table." Thankfully autumn and winter are on their way. I'm not usually a fan of the colder times of year but at least it means that I can walk around without displaying my purple and yellow mottled legs!

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