Sunday, 2 November 2008

As Meatloaf never said, "Two out of three is bad."

I hope it's not true that woes come in threes. I'm currently on two.

1.) David Tennant has announced that he will be leaving Doctor Who.

A loud cry of "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!" echoed through the house following my learning of this via BBC News. Although I wasn't entirely surprised I was nevertheless rather distraught for the remainder of the evening. Tennant is The Doctor. Christopher Eccleston did a great job in revitalising the show but Tennant has inhabited the character for far longer and made it utterly his own. At least it's not a retirement with immediate effect. The gangly, mad-eyed but charming one will film four specials to be shown during 2009 before a new Doctor steps into those huge shoes for the 2010 series. I shall relish and delight in every moment of Doctor-y Tennant-ness remaining.

2.) I watch X-Factor. I'm not proud of this fact, but fact it is. I usually pride myself on my ability to cover up this sordid secret. Sadly today I must break my cover in order to rant about the stupidity of the British public. Before you ask, no I didn't vote but I won't hear any of that, "if you don't vote then you can't complain" malarkey. That may be true of politics and elections, but don't try and make it stick for TV talent shows.

Last night one of the most talented acts in the whole competition got voted out. Here he is:

Austin Drage. Awesome voice. Tons of potential. But he gets beaten by a number of vastly inferior acts. To be fair, this year's X-Factor is probably one of the strongest talent wise. But his leaving the competition so early is absurd. Perhaps it's that classic case of Joe Public assuming that the exceptionally talented ones are safe and giving their vote to the underdogs instead. Bah. He had Cowell as his mentor. Here's hoping that he gives him a chance after the show.

So as I say, I'm desperately hoping that bad things don't come in threes. Lewis Hamilton is racing for the World Championship tonight...