Thursday, 6 September 2007

The Shoe People had it easy

The Shoe People! Remember them? It was an animated kids' TV show in the 1980s. More info at

They had it easy. One shoe for all occasions. Granted, being a shoe probably caused them a few other problems but footwear wise they were set.

Men - they also have it easy in the shoe stakes. Three pairs needed at most; trainers; smart shoes; and possibly a pair of flip-flops. But the curse of womanhood strikes again for us females. I don't know where the ridiculous notion, that all women love shoes, originally came from but it's a falsehood. I hate shoes. I hate wearing shoes. I hate shopping for shoes. Even thinking about shoes gets me all riled up. If it was up to me I'd be constantly barefooted. The problem with that is that I also hate my feet. I'm in a Catch 22.

My loathing of shoes intensified vastly at around this time last year. I was going to a wedding, had my outfit all sorted out but had no shoes to match. Due to limited time and energy I bought pretty much the first pair I tried on. Sure they dug in a bit but I was sure they'd stretch out. The day arrived and I put my new shoes on (Paolo Nutini was obviously not talking about these shoes when he said that 'suddenly everything was right' and 'everybody's smiling'). I'd been in them 5 minutes before they began to hurt. Before I had even got to the wedding my toes had gone red in pain - a great look I'm sure you'll agree. Anyway, suffice to say I ended up taking them off and walking back to the car over ouchy gravel in bare feet. Not my most elegant moment.

I've got another wedding to attend in a week or so and yesterday I found what hopefully will be a nice comfortable pair of flat shoes to wear. No doubt heels would look better but I have learnt from my mistakes and am willing to sacrifice fashion for comfort. It's a choice every woman must make. I just wish that more would go for the comfort option, then the rest of us wouldn't look so unfashionable!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you got that right. Being a shoe sure causes us a whole host of problems... we go through thick and thin for you, getting pounded through the pavement, in scorching heat and pouring rain. At the end of the day, we get kicked off, feeling scuffed and tossed without a second thought. When we're old, we're sent to our doom, unceremoniously binned.

You think we have it easy?
If you don't mind, lady, would you at least appreciate us once in a while. We're real sorry that some of us sometimes make your feet hurt though, even if some of us are made as nothing but fashion statements!


- A shoe