Tuesday, 27 May 2008


You may have noticed that I've signed up with Adsense. Just thought I'd try it out for a while. Sadly I perceive a flaw in the 'only ads relating to your blog' theory. So far I have ads for random Christian sects who believe things that are light years away from my faith and for SATs revision techniques and download-able test papers. I am therefore advertising two products which I would dearly love to see disappear into a particularly large dustbin: dodgy theology and pointless exams. Sigh.

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Kewryta said...

Ah yes, by the flawless logic of search-engines everywhere, your post AGAINST pointless exams contained the magic phrase "SATs". The little electronic brain goes "Aha, SATs! I can put SAT's ads on this site." Because computers, as my electronics teacher said to us so often, are basically stupid. Useful, but stupid.

On an unrelated matter - thank you for linking to my blog. I may even end up having **TWO** readers! Can I handle the excitement?!?