Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A cut above the rest

I had a haircut today. Not usually a blog worthy event, but the last time I took a trip to see the hairdresser was in September! It occurs to me that the length of my hair can give you a rough idea of what state I'm in health-wise. Here's a handy cut out and keep guide*:

If it's exceptionally long then this is either indicative of a good period of health or of a horrific relapse. Bear with me here! If I'm doing well then I tend to fill my time with things more important/more fun than a haircut - hence the length. However the excess hair can also be a result of being too ill to get to a salon (N.B. I know that salon sounds absurdly over the top but I've already said hairdresser's one too many times).

If my hair is mid-length (i.e. just cut) you can be pretty sure it's because I'm in the process of recovering from a relapse. I'm well enough to get a haircut (which I desperately need because it's exhausting to wash long hair) but not up to doing anything more fun!

Should you struggle to work out which type of long hair you are faced with then simply take a brief look at my skin tone. If I look like Dracula's ailing sister then you can be pretty sure it's the relapse enforced type.

*guide may not actually be cut out and kept.


Anonymous said...

hilarious! one for my first DisAbility blog roundup over at RTAID :)

Kewryta said...

I know just what you mean about long hair being exhausting. last year I finally had to give up my tresses - it was a wrench, but my hair has been much easier to care for since I reduced it to a third of its former length. For example, it no longer takes the entire afternoon to wash - just half the afternoon!

Before the big cut, I went to a hairdressers about once every 18 months. Now, I go about once every three months. Better for the hair and health, but not so good for the pocket!

I know I've said it before, but thanks for this blog. It's nice to read something I can relate to, and to know I'm not the only twenty-something writer in Britain living with M.E.