Saturday, 1 December 2007

Give me a W! Give me an I! Give me an S! Give me a P! Give me an A!

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get your hands on a Wispa at the moment? Well, obviously not as difficult as it was a few months ago before Cadbury's relaunched them, but they're selling like hot-cakes. Hmmm... do hot cakes genuinely sell more quickly than cold or room temperature cakes? I'm sure there's some sort of research study going on into it at the moment and in a few months time all will be revealed. No-one researches important things these days. It's always, 'which kind of biscuit gives optimum tea dunkage?' or 'if you put a wendy house in a field of cows, will they move into it?'

Anyway, Wispas. Oh how I adore them. To be honest up until a month or so ago I hadn't even realised that I missed them. Yet now that I know that they are out there just waiting to fulfil their Wispa destiny of melting wondrously in my mouth, I find it hard to think of anything else. That's the true reason for my lack of blogging recently. I've been roaming the towns of Britain hunting down the chocolatey goodness. I heard a couple of weeks ago that Woolworths were selling 3 for £1. But woe to me! I was too late in hearing the news. Other Wispa addicts had got their first. I've searched high and low in the supermarkets, but to no avail. The local shops don't have them. My mecca these last few weeks has been Blockbusters. Perhaps because of their ridiculous price tag of 55p each, they are the only shop I have found to have no problem with their Wispa stock. Although it does feel a little silly walking into a DVD rental shop and approaching the counter with just a couple of chocolate bars. But it is an embarrassment I can live with if it means I can hold the precious, life-sustaining, ecstasy-inducing Wispa in my unworthy hand.

All I require now is for Cadbury's to bring the Wispa Gold back. Now that was a real chocolate bar...


lilwatchergirl said...

Oh goodness yes. I have only been able to find one Wispa bar - one!! - since Cadbury's relaunched them. What good is it advertising them everywhere, making me long for one, and then not letting me spend my hard-earned (or just hard-acquired, in the case of DLA, ha ha) cash on these moments-of-heavenly-bliss-in-a-wrapper? I ask you.

Hi, btw. Lilwatchergirl here, also an Ouch blogger. I like your blog!

Moggy said...

I'm quite jealous of the superior chocolate you have over there... I can pick up some non-US chocolates at Cost-Plus Imports, but my guess is that they won't have what you're talking about yet....worth looking, though!

I'm not sure where the term first came from, by the way, but if "hot cakes" was originally from the USA, it's actually an alternate name for a kind of pancake, rather than for the kind of cake we have as dessert. I'm guessing that "going like hotcakes" might refer to the way they're often sold/eaten (2-5 stacked on a plate)? They certainly seem to go too quickly when I buy them frozen from the store, at least... :-p

(Oh, and I found you through the link in your Ouch posts. I think you're one of the better bloggers they've had as a guest thus far. :)

Giraffe-a-licious said...

Hey there lilwatchergirl and moggy. Thanks for your comments :)
It's great to know that you're actually reading what I write! Woohoo!