Tuesday, 8 June 2010

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question...

Please don't keel over in shock.

It is indeed I, Giraffe-a-licious, returned from blogging exile. A self-imposed exile I hasten to add. I haven't been deported or anything so sinister.

It's not even really been an intentional exile. Somehow life has got in the way of my communicating my terribly important thoughts with the world... or at least the two or three people that may ever read this.

But I felt compelled to reignite the flame of passion with my dear blog and so here I am. Darling blog, will you take me back? I do hope so.

I begin my return with a question: to tweet or not to tweet? I am fighting the urge to join the seemingly ubiquitous Twitter. Now of course 140 characters is never going to be enough for me to express myself fully but my main concerns are of a rather different nature. By joining the Twitter-sphere am I labelling myself an egotist and a voyeur? The arrogance that anyone would want to read of my comings and goings or musings on life (hold up, I'm writing this ON A BLOG... I think that ship has sailed). OK so I'm already an egotist. But what of this voyeurism? I am in no way a fan of the celebrity culture in which we live these days but I can't deny that my inclination to join Twitter is in no small part due to wanting to 'follow' the likes of Andy Murray and Chris Moyles. It's respectable stalking! Perhaps I can claim it as a form of research into the human condition... that sounds jolly intellectual don't you think?

I turn my dilemma over to you dear readers... or reader... or silent empty vacuum of www.giraffealicious.blogspot.com

Twitter - yea or nay?


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Eileen Dover said...

Just think of it along the same lines as setting a facebook status. Following is the better part of it and lets you try out the occasional tweet to see if you like it. I tried it and now all of 4 people get updates on what I'm doing.

Chris said...

Yea. It's like Facebook but without all that farm crap.