Saturday, 14 February 2009

#Your looks are laughable...#

People of the world - I hate to break it to you, but you're being duped. I ask you, is there anything less romantic than Valentine's Day? A day of mass manipulation by the confectionery, greeting cards, flowers, champagne and retail industries.

These are not the rantings and ravings of a bitter, single woman. Granted, they are the ramblings of a single woman but that is clearly beside the point. I just don't get the whole Valentine's Day hoopla. Surely romance is about spontaneity? Showing someone you love them when they least expect it. Actually it's probably more romantic to find a way to live that shows someone you love them each and everyday.

Do excuse me whilst I take a minute to go and throw up somewhere. (Oh dear, that might just be some bitterness being vomited into the bathroom sink).


My point is that Valentine's Day doesn't come close to meeting either of those criteria. It's not spontaneous and it's not long lasting. It's probably too late for a boycott this time around. But next year, when all those shops try to lure you in with their lovey-dovey window displays and bargain chocolate and wine combo offers, do as the Grange Hill kids once did - "Just say no!"

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Kathy said...

Be hailed voice of reason! Though not single (and not even very bitter), this is the one day that we, though definitely in love, and precisely for the reasons you stated, take some care to ignore. Actually - since the odds against us unValentines are so high and powered by such big money from the retail sector - why not even recommend to use a little calculated rudeness amongst couples on that day? For a refreshing change? The day you never should open the door for your girlfriend for instance... The day to invite your mother in law for tea... Besides, singing pink stuffed rabbits are proven to be very bad for your mental health. All the best to you!