Thursday, 24 July 2008

Boo Tyra Boo!

I'm pretty sure that each and every one of us has their own trashy TV secret. You know, a show that is low on quality but high on addiction factor? Mine is America's Next Top Model. Currently showing in the UK on Living, (at 9am and 6pm) ANTM as it's known, has been threatening to take over my life. It's on everyday. There have been at least 9 series. I keep getting to the end of a series and thinking, "Surely that must be the most recent one". But no, the next day they start all over again! I'm stuck in a cycle of trashy TV hell. Or should that be heaven?

Well today I wasn't quite so happy as I indulged in my now not-so-secret guilty pastime. Let's get something straight - I can deal with the skinny model thing. I may not be happy about it but it's pretty much a fact of life. The cool thing is that recently there has been greater move towards plus-sized models. ANTM has reflected that (although there is an argument that it has merely added a token plus-sized model to each series). But token or not, at least they're there. The series I'm currently watching (that's series 9, fact fans) is no exception. It features a lovely girl called Sarah. Now it just so happens that Sarah started losing some weight once she moved into the model house. She wasn't intending to, it just happened. This is where it gets ridiculous. The judges expressed their concern that she was now not big enough to work as a plus-sized model but nor was she skinny enough to be an average skinny model. What the heck?

So now size-ism has taken a new and twisted direction... if you're skinnier than the average woman then you can model; if you're bigger than the average woman then you can model; if you fall somewhere between the two and are in fact the size of an average woman then au revoir, arrivederci and goodbye! Bonkers.


Radio said...

Wow! I love America's Next Top Model, but I think I must be several series behind you - I shall have to try catching up on replay. Have you ever watched Australia's Next Top Model? I saw a series of that, probably last year, and it was pretty addictive too :)

Anna said...

I'm concerned that this might turn into some kind of AA (ANTM Anonymous) meeting, but... Hi, my name's Anna and I am also addicted to America's Next Top Model *cue supportive applause*.

And what's more, I watched the same show as you, with the not-so-plus-sized model being turfed out of the competition. I have to say that it was more than a little ridiculous. I mean, as long as she takes good photos then surely she should have stayed in? Throw in a couple of double fudge brownie sundaes into the mix and she'd have been right as rain.

The worst part is that earlier in that show (or was it another one...) they did a big session about what to do if people ask you to lose weight. This suggests that none or most of the models aren't thin enough at the moment but they can lose weight in due course.

Why doesn't this work the other way round?? Surely putting on a few pounds is a zillion times easier?!

However despite being somewhat annoyed at all this, I will not be renouncing my allegiance to the show any time soon. Roll on the next hundred series, I say!