Monday, 7 April 2008

A birthday, a bird and the brilliant Doctor Who.

It's my little sister's birthday today! She's not actually here, she's currently causing havoc on the canals of England. But Happy Birthday to Baby Hands anyway (she does have freakishly small hands). When I was younger I used to hate this part of the year, between her birthday and my own, because it looked as though there was only one year between us. Something to do with the older sibling equating age with importance I think. But I'm obviously getting on a bit because this time round I'm quite happy with the idea that I'm only a little older!

We've got a bird trapped in our chimney. There's no way of getting it out and it's understandably kicking up a hell of a fuss. Poor thing. And poor me. It's not nice to hear the sad little creature desperately trying to escape.

Hands up, who watched Doctor Who on Saturday night? *Giraffe-a-licious waves frantically* Wasn't it great? I have to say that I was rather disappointed with the Christmas special so it was a relief to see the show back on tip top form. Catherine Tate is an excellent addition to the cast. I can't say that I'm a fan of her comedy but she's landed herself a great character here and is making the most of it. It also means that the dynamic between the Doctor and his assistant has changed and as a result the show feels a lot fresher than for most of the last series. I suppose I should add a few words on the subject of David Tennant. How does charismatic, handsome and hilarious sound? Sigh.

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Kewryta said...

I saw Doctor Who too! Yes, it was brilliant - looks like we finally have a companion who is going to be a friend, rather than a girlfriend. I was getting increasingly fed up with the romantic angle, it's good to see the dynamics getting back to where they were with the old series.

Also - it was FUNNY! Classic comedy tricks, doors and windows. I think the new series was starting to take itself a little too seriously, and suffering for it, so it's really good to see some comedy. Like you, I'm not such a fan of Catherine Tate's characters in some of her other work, but you've got to admit the woman is talented. As for DT - I think you said it all, already.

Let's hope the series lives up to the high standard of this first episode.